We look after you, your belongings, and your environment
We look after you, your belongings, and your environment
Efficiency is our maxim
Efficiency is our maxim
Over 30 years' experience
Over 30 years' experience
ISO-9001 ISO-14001 OHSAS-18001
ISO-9001 ISO-14001 OHSAS-18001
Integrated Logistics Solutions
Integrated Logistics Solutions
  • Quality movers in Barcelona
  • Moving and Storage ISO 14001
  • Moving company in Barcelona with OHSAS 18001
  • Group MyAll

Your personal consultant

Removals Consultant in Barcelona


Av. Prat de la Riba, 186, Nave 6
08780 - Palleja - Barcelona
Tel. 93 334 01 00
Tel. 902 11 11 08

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